Simple Demo Org Signup

Partner Sign-up for a Simple Demo Org

The SDO is solely intended for demonstrating Salesforce solutions to customers. All Orgs expire after 30 days. You must include the Org62 Opportunity URL (provided by your AE or SE) in order for your sign-up request to be approved. In order to get access to an SDO you should have an Active Membership in the Partner Pre-Sales Trailblazer Program.

Important things to know about the SDO:

  • The Simple Demo Org is the same powerful environment that Salesforce Solution Engineers use on a daily basis to showcase our clouds.
  • Access to the Simple Demo Org is exclusive in EMEA for member of the Partner Pre-Sales Trailblazer program with Active Membership
    • If your Membership has expired in the last 3 months, we will take your request, but it has to be Approved by the Program Country Leader before creating the SDO.
  • The Simple Demo Org is not intended for Customer use. Use the SDO in demos to customers only.
  • Per the Terms of Use and Master Services Agreement, no production use or unauthorized users of the SDO are allowed.
  • You must use your work email for SDO sign-up requests.

For Support with the SDO:

  • Use the Partner Pre-Sales Trailblazer chatter group
  • Also you can use the SDO Chatter group on the Partner Community Site ( This is a Partner-Community supported org, and all support questions will be handled in the Chatter group.

This can be anything in an email format, just not your Salesforce username email.
For example, jdoe@somthing.demo

This is a unique name for your salesforce instance's url. Do not use a value you have used with another org
For example https://www.[mydomain] where [mydomain] is the value entered above.